Products & Services

Monier Seed and Service is proud to offer outstanding products with world-class service. We want to ensure you are satisfied with our products and service, and that we take care of any needs we can. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for your operation!


Carefully selected seed products, to include; Monier Brand Soybeans and Wheat, oats, and many other cover crops. We chose the best products for seed quality, genetic attributes, and traits.

Seed Treatment

The seed treatment products we use are proven to protect seed, improve growth, and give your crop the extra boost it needs. These products take years to develop and implement, so you can rest well knowing your seed is coated with the best defense around.

Seed Cleaning

With a large and small seed cleaning system, we have the ability to do small and large batches of seed for custom cleaning. We clean all of our own Soybeans, Wheat, and Oats, and a variety of other crops for producers in our area. We ensure the highest quality of cleaning, and make sure any product we send to be treated and packaged is something we would put into our planters and place on our land. From our farm to yours!

Seed Delivery

We work with our distributors and customers to find the best delivery methods possible. For local sources we look at how we can deliver to your operation, and for anything outside of 2 counties away we work to get you your seed in a timely manner.