Seed Treatment

Soil is a dangerous place for a seed. Insects, fungus, poor conditions that restrict growth; all of these hazards are probably present in your fields. We know you want the best chance for success on your farm, and we are proud to offer what we think to be some of the best seed treatments available. Paired with our hand-selected crops, we are confident in high quality and performance for your farm.

With more power than older technology, Saltro provides consistenly superior SDS protection without the stress. While soybeans can outgrow the side effects from above ground stress, they may not fully recover from the consequences of below ground stress affecting the roots. Saltro brings superior SDS protection without the stress, helping soybeans maximiz their full genetic yield potential.

ILEVO seed treatment has an unmatched track record of success. In more than 350 field trials across a variety of conditions, ILEVO seed treatment had an 84% positive yield response, with a 4.6 bu/A average yield gain compared with a fungicide and insecticide base. The yield advantage from ILEVO seed treatment increases with higher levels of foliar SDS symptoms.

Seed Treatment Pays!