Monier Wheat is an outstanding line that performs well along the Interstate 80 Corridor that runs East and West through the heartland of the United States.

We are proud of our products, and stand behind MW857 100%. This bearded, Soft Red Winter Wheat, is an excellent fit for Northern Illinois and the belt East and West along the I-80 corridor. It’s extra winter hardiness and full season growth gives it the flex to take full advantage of the season, and come back stronger than ever after a hard winter. It has excellent resistance to Stripe Rust and Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus, two yield drags that are prevalent in this region. MW857 is a medium-tall plant with good standability, and a late dormancy rating. This is the variety you’ve been looking for in your lineup!

Monier Brand Wheat is available plain, or treated. In our treatment we use two fungicides, one insecticide, and a growth promoter. Wheat is available in paper bags, bulk boxes, or bulk bags.

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